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14:00, 16:00

14:00, 16:00



English / France



Digital art stage / Malenky Theatre


1 h 30 min

About the performance:

QUALIA is an immersive and participative experience in which the audience is invited to explore the feeling of doing. Each participant will delve into a specifically designed space, questioning the importance of first-hand experiences while applying different ways of communication.


QUALIA is a 1.5 hour theatrical performance where each visitor is invited to a guided experience in an immersive set-up. The visitors don’t need any preparation and are transformed into “participants” on the spot. Using interactive gaming tools, participants collectively create the play, which takes the form of theatrical improvisation.


LARP.Paris team:

Sasha Ovechkin / Lisa Kelesidou: 

idea, script, staging, game mastering

Kirill Tsytkin / Sofia Tsytkin: 

computer graphics, technology, web design



Harold Schelinx (Amsterdam - Paris): music/experimental audio improvisations.

Karolina Nevoina (Vilnius - Paris): voiceover and sound mastering.


The original idea and the script are the result of a one-month residency at La Générale Nord-Est Paris - one of the leading French experimental cultural institutions supporting creative work in the artistic, social and political fields.

Production team (Tel Aviv):

Yan Yasinsky: lights concept.
Mark Marich: installation solutions.
Daniel Tcytkin: programming and interactive installations developer.
Vladimir Sedinkin: space and furniture design.

Age limits:

18+ (however, a special performances for high school teens can be held (14 – 18 yo)

Special request (phones, headphones, etc.)

No spectators in this experience, all visitors participate and become co-creators of the play. 

Specific house rules will be explained by LARP.Paris team on the spot.

No phones, they will be checked-in and kept safe till the end of performance.

Once you leave the space, you can’t come back.

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