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Hebrew / Israel

“Aleph Tav Tav Aleph”

Shifra Kazhdan and festival TAITF 2023

Main Stage / Malenky Theatre

Performance using a smartphone and headphones


About the performance:

Any person is a world with a personal language to study. Not only ideas, the accent, the wording and the translation matters. This alephbet performance grows from a new font by the new immigrant artist Shifra Kazhdan impressed by the Tel Aviv Bauhaus heritage. The letters are connected into 22 titles suggested by Hadas Eyal. A spectator can freely choose the order of letters to create their own individual listening experience. 22 letters — 22 options to listen to 22 sound pieces pronounced and recorded mainly by Anna Dubrovitsky and Ksenia Markuze. Music, sound and online presentation by Alexy Nadjarov are highlighted by Alexander Kuznetsov light and video. The texts initiated and prepared by Shifra were later translated and adopted by Julia Goland. From Aleph to Tav and back again. The process of constructing identity out of drama and accident is the topic of this collective hybrid monstrous entity between theatrical performance and exhibition in which the spectatorship keeps the central role.

Creative team & Actors:

Shifra Kazhdan — idea, set, graphics, playwright, director

Hadas Eyal — chapters' titles

Xenia Markuze — artist

Anna Dubrovitsky - artist

Rodie Kozlovskiy — artist

Alexander Kuznetsov — light, video

Alex Nadzharov — sound, music, web design

Julia Goland — translator, management

Special requests (phones, headphones, etc)

All spectators get the link to the online Hebrew alphabet (from Alef to Tav) with audio to each letter. So anyone has to have their own smartphone and headphones. The audio is in Hebrew. For non-hebrew speakers there is a possibility to get a link with an English or Russian translation especially designed to download separately from the audio performance.

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