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Festival Poster 2018.png

“Big Friends of Malenky Theatre” 

Our First Festival

Malenky Theater is pleased to announce our first international theater festival, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of our founding.

We have planned this festival for friends of chamber theatre – friends who think and work alike in their theatrical belief and in their honest attitude toward art.

This year, following successful, highly praised tours at festivals in Israel and abroad, and as a result of connections forged between Malenky Theatre and other quality theatre groups around Europe, we will be putting together for the first time ever the “Big Friends of a Small Theatre” festival. Our goal is to present the Israeli audience with high quality, thought provoking, enriching performances from all over the world.

The festival will offer a number of performances including:

  • The legendary show, Hamlet (St. Petersburg Interior Theater). This version of Hamlet is presented by the actress and artist, performed by two actors, along with puppetry and pantomime, in the style of a philosophical parable.

  • International theater from Berlin

  • And a reading of the play “Shapira” by Karol Sidon, Chief Rabbi of Prague, a special guest by the festival

  • And more.

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