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Hebrew / Israel

A Brief History of Racism”

Catharsis duet and festival TAITF 2023

Main Stage / Malenky Theatre


60 min

About the performance:

The comedy duo "Catharsis" returns to the stage with a new stand-up performance. In an era where every joke and dialogue are subject to censorship, and crude violence goes unpunished, "Catharsis" boldly steps forward to tirelessly fight for freedom of speech. No taboos, everything is out in the open, the main condition — laughter.


"The wisdom in the slaughter of the sacred cow is not to throw away the smallest piece."


After a five-year break, during which the world has turned upside down, this comedy duo is returning to the stage. They are ready to tell their stories again in a new reality under the slogans "Me Too" or "Black Lives Matter". They will again show how speech is becoming more and more "correct", while the world is getting worse and worse.


Yuri returns to the origins of "Catharsis", revealing the secrets of his unique connection with Ori. From the "Russian ghetto" in Netanya to the stand-up clubs in the USA, and to the explosion that destroyed them at the most opportune moment when the world is collapsing around.


After all these years, Yuri strives to overcome alienation and loneliness - and no one knows if he will find a partner on the other side.


In their performance, "Catharsis" takes "political correctness" and reduces it to absurdity, from beginning to end not leaving alone all that "cannot be said" about racism, violence, sexuality and prejudices.

Creative team & Actors:

Yuri Kazantzev and Ori Levanon

16+ The performance contains explicit language.

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