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Created and produced by the Malenky Theatre, the Tel Aviv International Theatre Festival will be marking its 5th edition this summer, hosting creators and theatre troupes from Israel and the world for riveting live stage creation, with countless plays, readings, masterclasses, workshops, and theatre labs.

The idea behind "Big Friends of the Small Theatre" came from the desire to expand on the thrilling exchanges we've had as a theatre troupe with fellow artists and creators over the years, as we traveled the world with our work and plays. The fascinating dialogue spurred by the numerous encounters we've had along the way has been so enriching, and opened infinite new perspectives, for us as much as for audiences, allowing us to form a community and let the diversity of viewpoints broaden our horizons and widen the understanding we have of how we perceive each other.

Malenky Theatre was founded in 1997 with the aim to create aesthetically unique productions combining Israeli original artistic perspective and classical directing and acting European performative approaches. From that point on Malenky Theatre’s artistic management and its creative team, all of whom graduated from the best Eastern European theatre schools, were continually and diligently building an exclusive theatre product now so popular among Israeli theatre lovers. 



Today, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Malenky Theatre is an Israeli ensemble that can boast a thrilling repertoire. By right, the theatre has earned a place of honor in the Israeli theatre arena by collecting acclaimed reviews and a vast loyal audience. Since its inception, the theatre can boast over 37 productions, including original plays, adaptations of classical masterpieces documental, and avant-garde performances.

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