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Hebrew / Israel

"I'm Afraid...”

Malenky Theatre and festival TAITF 2023

Main Stage / Malenky Theatre


About the performance:

I'm afraid.

Elon Musk, Jeffrey Hinton, AI, Golem, and other icons of our time participate in the performance


An experimental performance about what is happening here and now: about the technological revolution that has already changed and will change our lives even more profoundly.

This is an unusual performance  for Malenky Theater. Not only because it's about new technologies that are altering our lives, but also because we want them, alongside the actors, to become full-fledged participants in our performance.

Our goal is to attempt to understand the language in which the contemporary theatre will speak tomorrow.

A large team is working on the play, including visual artists, computer specialists, and others.

The actors of the "Malenky" Theater take part in the performance.

Creative team & Actors:

Play-write and director: Michael Teplitsky

Cast: Gil Frank, Anna Dubrovitsky, Dudu Niv

Video design: Il'ya Delyatitskiy

Assistant director: Julia Goland

Program support: Gabi Ostrovsky, Stas Kaplan

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