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Virtual Theatre
in the Pandemic Era

In 2021, we moved our festival online, broadcasting unique content along with lectures and workshops. We produced a play reading over Zoom, worked with social networks and new technology, broadened our horizons, and enriched ourselves using innovative tools.

Among the projects involved in the festival were:

  • Mini performances by Natalia Shtandler and the Shtandler Group

  • A staged reading of “Insulted” by Andrei Kureichik (Belarus) on Zoom, part of an international project

  • Online premiere of “Dining during the Plague” (Malenky Theatre)

  • Theater laboratory on the “Time of Kafka”, with participating theaters from England, Ukraine, Germany, Czechia, and Russia.

  • A staged reading of Artur Solomonov’s “How We Buried Josef Stalin”

  • And more.

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